Did Jesus Exist?

Have you ever considered whether the supposed founder of one of the biggest religions on the planet ever existed?

Ever wondered what the actual evidence is for a historical Jesus Christ? As it turns out there isn’t much evidence at all.

Do you wish you had all that information about the historicity of Jesus at your fingertips? Well, now you can examine the evidence for a historical Jesus for yourself.

CHRESTUS uses Richard C. Carrier’s peer-reviewed book On The Historicity Of Jesus, as well as his other published, peer-reviewed work, to provide you with the best historical analysis of the figure we know as Jesus Christ.

Do you know if Jesus Christ existed? Download the CHRESTUS app now on your iOS or Andriod device so you can intelligently answer that question!



Backed by good scholarship!

Some critics out there may regard the mythicist position as a “crackpot” position and to be fair the field has a lot of crackpot ideas in them. This application uses only peer-reviewed scholarship to support the Mythicist Position. Richard Carrier posits this as the Minimal Mythicist position and is considered the only defensiable Mythicist position.

Wealth of Historical Knowledge

In this App, there is a great wealth of knowledge on how to do good history, recognizing good historical documents, and access to a critical look at the evidence for a historical Jesus. This one of a kind application seeks to educate its users on exactly how much evidence we have for a historical Jesus and why that evidence isn’t sufficient enough to establish Historicity.

Constant Updates

C.H.R.E.S.T.U.S will constantly be updated with more information to help its users be fully informed on the critical analysis of the historicity of Jesus. This app has unrestricted access to the historical research done by Richard Carrier. Four of Richard’s books are the basis for this application: On The Historicity of Jesus, Proving History, Hitler Homer Bible Christ, and Not The Impossible Faith.

Bayesian Calculator

You can analyse your own evidence for or against a historical Jesus claim using our Bayesian Caculator. All you have to know is how much more likely a piece of evidence is to support your claim, whichever position you choose.

This calculator can be used for other historical clams as well! You can use this tool to test the historicity of Julius Caesar or Abraham.

This is a valuable tool for anyone interested in historical research or general historical claims.