What Is C.H.R.E.S.T.U.S?


In February 2016, the Reality Revolutions team conceived the idea for a mobile application that would assist in quickly investigating every argument for and against the historical existence of Jesus. They then collaborated with Dr. Richard Carrier in developing its structure and content. C.H.R.E.S.T.U.S. is an acronym that represents the true purpose :

Christ’s Historicity Rebuttal and Explanation System: Tools, Utilities, and Services.


The purpose of this app is to house a complete catalog of every argument and item of evidence so that every person can conidently answer the question “Did Jesus Exist?” As such it will be continually updated to become and remain the most complete app for the purpose ever developed.

Currently, it has no rival. It even includes an expandable Bayesian Calculator for users to test the consequences of their own assumptions in a valid application of probability theory.

Current State

In July of 2019, Godless Engineer took over as owner and developer of the application. Currently we are working on revamping the application to provide better information and functionality. We will be adding search functionality, bookmarks, and creating an entirely new look for the application. 

Continued Development by Godless Engineer with the cooperation and assistance of Richard Carrier, Ph.D.

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